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'The Electric' have just released The Overloaded EP, and we've teamed up with the exciting new website DragonTape.com to launch an exciting new competition! Basically they are a site where people make video mixtapes using their favourite Youtube videos and Soundcloud tracks and then share them with their friends. We've made a little tape below that features a few of the tracks on the EP and some other favourites. Do the same thing and you could win some prizes! Woop! Find out more details on the COMPETITION PAGE

We've also just launched a new DJ Vadim App that is available for iPhones on iTunes - check that out here

You can buy the Overloaded EP direct from us...

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Trackitdown - http://bit.ly/uunAcX
DJ Download - http://bit.ly/uCL8mQ
What People Play - http://shar.es/oreWN

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If you haven’t heard already the constant whispers around town, The Electric are a fresh new group spearheaded by renowned beat taster DJ Vadim. Known for traveling the globe in search of the best musical influences, Daddy Vad has united superb artists, UK soulstress Sabira Jade and lyrical marvel MC Pugs Atomz, to make a truly international collective rich in harmony and flavour.

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