Beautiful Remixes

A collection of the remixes of the track, Beautiful by The Electric from the world producer community.

We've released all the stems so you can remix yourself - send your remixes back to our dropbox

Our favourite remixes will contribute to a special limited edition pack from DC and The Electric.


Remix from La Bande Magnétique -  "La Bande Magnétique came out as the achievement of 20 years of feverish & compulsive digging out Black music & electronic experiments. June 2007 saw the association of dj's, beatmakers & musicians to set up La Bande Magnétique, a wild bunch of groove diggaz !

Some like it hot, some like it cool, some like it with soul !"


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Too dope


Toot Toot Single

Jun, 2011

Life is Moving

Mar, 2011

Beautiful Single

Dec, 2010