We've teamed up with DC Shoes to create a living and moving artwork that spans the globe.  Bright blue Electric Bikes have been spotted on 2 continents so far, and rumour has it that this is just the beginning.

So what's it all about: it's about our cities, you and us, creativity, the lengths a band without a major label behind them has to go to get some attention. It's about creating something different and getting people to stop and take a look at the surreal worlds we've built for ourselves, the crazy times we're living in and the real nature of a global enconomy and communications network.

Life is moving increasingly faster, the pressure is perpetual and it’s seemingly all about progress.  Each moment is precious but to what are you dedicating your moments? Are you taking in the sights, smelling the smells, feeling everything that is now, or are your precious moments slipping by unnoticed because life is moving too fast?

See a bike that’s covered in tape? Pause. Stop. Rewind. Bikes are all about movement but they can only go so fast, they are more about pleasure, the scenic route, the panoramic view. Have a good look around, what can you see? Hear? Smell? LIVE this moment, forget everything else, it’s now just you and the bike. Choose to remember this moment forever, that’s enough in itself, but if you want something more then take a photo of the bike, use creative license - we dare you – and upload it to facebook tagging the two names on the bike: DC Shoes and The Electric. Like music? Well then you’ll be happy with your memento, everyone gets one because that’s how we roll. There are no losers in this game, like in life, we are all winners. But the more bikes you spot the potentially larger the reward. Fancy a pair of DC shoes? A snowboard even? Find more bikes, tell us where they are, be creative, and you may get extra lucky. At bare minimum you get to fully enjoy a precious few extra moments and that makes you luckiest of all. Life is moving. But only you can set your pace.





One silly idea we had one hazy night has gone global!

At the end of this we'll be dishing out prizes for the best photos from DC and The Electric - with the top prize being a DC PK Ripper Bike. If you want to get involved, email maggie@ogsrecordings.com for more information.

The Electric Bikes

In a world where a thousand bands release a thousand albums each week, it takes a lot to get some attention.  Wrapped electric blue bikes have been appearing all over the place – outside the Tate Modern, Harrods, Leicester Square, Shoreditch and Covent Garden in London, Brighton Pier, Oxford, Berlin, Texas…  Perhaps now millions of people have walked passed one of the bikes and wondered 'what's that?'

Life is moving increasingly faster. Society and technology are constantly evolving; the pressure is perpetual and it is seemingly all about progress. Which is why DC Shoes and The ElectricDJ Vadim’s new super group, have teamed up to launch The Speed Of Life. The mission is to encourage you to take a step back from the accelerated pace of urban life and realise the hidden depths of your city, to bring people together and celebrate creativity, and to launch The Electric’s debut album Life is Moving.

Over the weekend of the 12/13th March, 24 electric blue bikes were placed in secret locations around London. They have also been spotted in Houston, Texas for the SXSW Festival, where the band is performing, and you can expect to see these blue beauties turning up in various cities world-wide, from Milan to Berlin to San Francisco. Finders of these bikes will then need to get innovative and snap their best pictures or film their best videos sitting astride these rare duel-wheeled monsters. There are NO limits to the brief: get naked, dress as animals, cajole a celebrity in to joining you (maybe all at the same time). 

Then, upload the result to: www.Facebook.com/TheElectricSoundCompany 

The best shots are chosen every few days by The Electric and members of DC’s pro bike and snowboard rider teams. The chosen shots and videos can win various prizes, including copies of the album, DC shoes, top of the range DC snowboards and one of the most sought after bikes around, the SE Racing 2010 DC x PK Ripper Fixed Gear. 

The Electric’s debut album, Life is Moving, is out now and launched with a sold out show at Koko in Camden on Saturday 12thMarch.

The group comprises of Russia’s notorious DJ Vadim, Chicago's finest upcoming MC Pug Atomz and sultry UK soul-stressSabira Jade, who together unite soul, broken beats and battle raps, laced with sick production. 

Life is Moving Is tipped to be one of 2011’s hottest albums which, like the blue bikes, will not only take over the UK, but the World. So, let’s get a recap on one of the most exciting competitions around, shall we?

1. Find an Electric Blue Speed Of Life bike - be sure to follow clues on Twitter and Facebook

2. Get creative! Express yourself, grab your friends and get a photo or shoot a film with a bike.
3. Upload that cracking shot or video at www.facebook.com/TheElectricSoundCompany
4. Get your mitts on a prize
5. Find the next bike The Electric will be using footage submitted to create a series of videos, including to the Zeds Dead remix of ‘Toot Toot’. 
The Speed of Life is a social and artistic experiment that gleams the streets of our cities as a stage and celebrates the diversity of humanity through individual expression.